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Pet Home Grooming 10-piece Kit


Features and Benefits:

  • Cutting Shear and Thinning Shear are constructed of stainless steel and come with finger-rest for extra control and comfort
  • The 28-tooth Thinning Shear has a 25% thinning rate, great for removing tangles and dead undercoat
  • Curved Shear is especially useful on thick, curly coats. Ideal choice for Standard Poodle top knots and thick coated Bichon heads. Razor sharp edge provides effortless shaping and finishing of all coat types
  • 3.5-inch Round-Tip Trimming Scissors, is ideal for finish trimming and safe for delicate areas - around eyes, nose, face and paws. Perfect for fine finishing work and perfecting the correct coat length
  • Pet Razor Grooming Trimmer gives you a convenient groom in minutes by simply combing the trimmer through your pet's hair

This set includes:

6-inch Stainless Steel Cutting Shear
6-inch 28-tooth Thinning Shear
7-inch Downward Curved Shear
3.5-inch Round-Tip Trimming Scissors
Pet Grooming Comb
Razor Comb
2 Hair clips
Scissors Lubricant
Leather Cleaning Cloth
Travel Case

    Product Details/Overview:

    Home grooming builds that special bond and allows you to spot potential problems early. Not to mention trips to the professional groomer can really add up. This 10-piece Pet Home Grooming Kit from Alfie Pet keeps your pets nice and tidy for a fraction of the cost.

    After cleaning and drying your shears, lubricate them using the scissors lubricant. It is made with wax and alcohol. The alcohol evaporates and leaves a nice, thin wax coating on your shears that will not attract lint and hair.

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