About Alfie

Pets are family

Alfie Pet's staff are animal lovers and care deeply about their customers and pets. They welcome your feedback and will do whatever it takes to earn the trust and business. They are also dedicated to supporting non-profit organisations that help animals in need. They donate pet supplies that help facilitate the NGO's daily activities and everyday operations. Pets are family and a lifetime commitment of care and happiness

About Alfie

In the summer of 2006

The business was started in Seattle, WA in 2006 by two college friends, Abbie and Stephanie, when a 3-year old schnauzer came into their life.

About Alfie


Just like many other first time pet owners, they witnessed the hardships and frustration faced by dogs healing - without a comfortable recovery collar; pets travel carrier are old fashioned and non-functional. Most products for pet aren't good enough. The market lacks of pet products that are comfortable, functional and fashionable.

About Alfie


Stephanie and Abbie decided to start a brand specialize in health care, grooming tools and functional day-to-day accessories for dogs, cats and small animals. And then they came up with the design for first series of flexible recovery collars and started to extend to different style of recovery collars and sell it on Amazon.

About Alfie

Pet Specialty Store

The team soon to grow bigger and emerge the aspiration to become the ultimate high quality pet specialty store for pet owners and their pets. They strive to maintain the highest standard of customer satisfaction and product safety. So they hand-pick, test, and scrutinise all of the Alfie products for quality and value.

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