Coronavirus: will your pets get infected?

Coronavirus was first known to circulate among animals and then it is found to be contagious to humans. A wide range of animals is known to be the source of coronaviruses. In December 2019, human cases of coronavirus were reported in Wuhan City. A close relative of the virus was found circulating among bats. Pets owners started to wonder if their pets will expose to the risk of coronavirus. 

A dog in Suzhou, China goes for walk with their owner, both are completely masked. WeChat

Dogs, cats can’t pass on coronavirus.

There is evidence that a dog had tested weak positive to the COVID-19 virus following close contact connection with its owners who were sick with COVID-19. However, they appear to have a low levels of the pathogen, according to a spokesman for the Hong Kong Government’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

What are the precautions to take with live animals or animal products?

According to the World Organization For Animal Health and advice by the WHO, as a general precaution, when visiting live animal markets, wet markets or animal product markets, general hygiene measures should be applied. Including regular hand washing with soap or applying hand sanitizer after touching animals and animal products. And avoid contact with animals possibly living in the market. 

Checklist: How to maintain your dogs/cats hygiene?

  1. Wipe your dogs, including the inside of your dog’s ears with a moist cotton ball after outing.  
  2. Regular bathing and grooming routine to keep them from various diseases. 
  3. Clean your cat’s litter box everyday. Empty the litter and use a mild soap to rinse and dry. 
  4. Wash your pet’s bedding. At least Vacuum it if you don’t have time.
  5. Wash your hands with soap after contact. 
  6. Store pet food properly in a close container or in the refrigerator if necessary. 
  7. Wash and replace pet toys. Simply put the soft toys to the washing machine or replace it if they are worn. 
  8. Don’t need to panic. Regular exercise and walking your dog can help maintain a positive vibe.