Ethan Pet Carrier


Features and Benefits:

  • Features 2 parallel zippers with pull on mesh top that make it easy for you to lower your pet into the carrier and close it quickly to secure your pet inside
  • The top and one mesh side flaps that can be uncovered for air flow or covered with fabric flap for extra security or privacy for your pet. Another open mesh window at the back side
  • Padded shoulder handle for carrying, an adjustable longer strap with shoulder pad included. Two small pockets to carry pet essentials
  • Removable padded panel on the bottom for your pet's comfort, with interiorly hook to connect with pet collar or harness for additional safety

Measures 14" x 7.5" x 12", and for pet up to 12 lbs only

The benefits of using the Sling carrier
Close To Your Heart! Our sling bag allows you to keep your dog close to your body where you can touch, hug, and talk to them. We believe that bonding with your pet makes you happier and healthier. Multiple studies have shown that a dog's touch can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, help strengthen your immune system, and relieve pain.

Are the sling carrier lightweight
Most carriers are heavy and bulky. Not to mention, some carriers cannot be used in tight areas. By investing in sling carriers for dogs, you can easily bring your pet with you. Our slings can also be stored easily since it is created from fabric. Hence, you can easily fold and store it.

My dog gets upset when I leave
Did you know that separation anxiety is the second most common reason dogs are euthanized or given up by their owners? Separation anxiety can occur in any breed and at any age. Without shadow of a doubt, when given the choice, most dogs would prefer to travel along rather than being left alone at home for the rest of the day therefore a variety of travel accessories have been crafted so you can take your pampered pooch almost anywhere!

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