Microfiber Fast-Dry Pet Drying Washcloth Towel


Features and Benefits:

  • Its bacteria-resistant and ultra-tightly woven material won't trap fur like traditional cotton towels
  • Super compact when rolled or folded, taking up less space when traveling
  • Bathing and drying your dog builds that special bond and allows you to spot potential problems early
  • No dog can resist being fluffed with one of these ultra soft pet towels
  • Incredibly durable and machine washable

Sizing: Measures 12.75" x 12.75" - washcloth size

Product Details:

Alfie Microfiber Fast-Dry Pet Drying Towel is made of a specially designed, ultra-tightly woven material, known for its excellent absorption and ultra-fast drying speed. Absorb up to eight times its own weight in water, quickly allowing you to dry your pet much faster than traditional cotton towels. Perfect for pet owners with multiple pets.

These towels are so soft your pet will feel loved and pampered.

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