Fabric Expandable/Collapsible Travel Bowl


Features and Benefits:

  • Made of durable fabric and can be folded which gives your pet the essentials they require in both food and water options!
  • Waterproof interior to hold liquids and nylon outer lining
  • Zips open and transforms into a food or water bowl
  • Easy to clean and fully washable


  • 8" in diameter and 4"high when opened
  • It collapses to less than 1" thin so it's easy to pack and carry with you. Holds around 50 ounces (6.25 cups) of water

Product Details/Overview:

Alfie Pet Expandable/Collapsible Travel Bowl offers the ideal solution for pet parents on the go. This handy bowl is perfect for a long hike, a lake side stroll or a gentle walk around the neighborhood. When your pet is thirsty or hungry, expand the bowl and fill it with water or dog food.

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