5 Tips for Multi-Pets Owners: Can Dog and Cat Get Along?

  1. Start them young. It is much easier to teach puppies and kittens to interact with each other when they are young. As they haven’t built any experience with each other yet. Growing up together will help them build a strong bounding. However, puppies are often more energetic than kittens, so it is better to teach the puppies to spend their energy on other toys other than just playing with kittens. 

  2. Exercise your dog. It is important to exercise your dog regularly to make sure their energy is released properly. They will be able to control themselves better when they are around kittens. 

  3. Cats are territorial, make sure they feel safe before meeting a dog. Cats need a protected space to rest and while doing their business. Keep dogs away from the litter box. And since cats are natural climbers, you may consider making use of the indoor vertical space, install shelves, or place a cat bed on top of the bookcase. This will help your cat to observe the dog from a safe distance when they need to. 

  4. Plan their first meet. Pets get to know one another through scent, not face-to-face. You can help both pets become familiar with each other’s scent. You may consider scheduling the first cat-dog meeting during mealtime (as they both love food). Keep your dog on leash and both pets on opposite sides of a closed door. They won’t see each other, but they can smell each other while having their meal. That will help them associate the smell with food, which is a positive feeling for them. Practice this meal meeting time for a couple weeks, and then can slowly introduce them face-to-face. You may consider feeding them separately but on either side of a dog gate, and let them eat side-by-side but in a controlled environment.

  5. Keep their food and toys separate. To prevent them from fighting for food, it is better to schedule regular mealtimes and place their meal bowls in separate areas. Competition over toys can also prompt fighting, so better to keep an eyes on their toys. 




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