What are dog diapers, panties and belly bands for?

Dog diapers, panties and belly bands are probably new terms for a lot of new dog owners. Housebreaking a dog is also one of the most challenging tasks. All of these dog care products can help facilitate the house breaking process. Belly bands are usually for male dogs, panties are designed for female dogs and dog diapers are suitable for both. 

What are dog belly bands?

Dog belly bands is a band of fabric that goes around your dog’s belly. They usually have an outer waterproof shell. You can use it in parallel with an absorbent pad or panty liner for urine absorption. It helps serve as good training aid or anti-breeding aid. It can help discourage marking their territory inside the house and make damage to your furniture. It is a great product for dogs who are housebroken, and unable to contain themselves when they become excited. More reference here.

Things to aware when choosing belly bands:

  1. Good belly bands are made from high-quality fabrics, make sure it is soft and comfortable as it has significant contact with your dog body
  2. Make sure you have proper fitting and measurement for your dog
  3. Machine wash and reusable belly bands are preferable as you want to wash the belly bands often

What are dog diapers?


Dog diapers can be worn by both male and female dogs. It looks very similar to people's diapers except there is a hole for their tail. It also shares the same function as belly bands. 

Disposable dog diapers 

Disposable dog diapers are for one time use only and it will be costly if your dog heavily relies on diapers. Also be reminded that disposable diapers may contain chemicals that can irritate your dog’s skin.

Reusable dog diapers

Most of the reusable dog diapers are waterproof and washable for reuse purposes. If you have a senior dog at home with senior incontinence, it will be a great option. 

What are dog panties?


Most unspayed female dogs will have to experience a heat cycle, meaning she is having her period just like humans. It usually happens twice a year for a period cycle. Other than house breaking training purposes, panties are a great option for female dogs in heat. It is usually made with soft fabric, and needs to place an adhesive napkin inside of the garment to absorb liquids. There is a tail hole and leg openings that can fit your dog. More reference here