5 Things You Need to Know about Post-surgery care for your pets ost

Most of the pet owners will face the situation of pets surgery, a good hospital or doctor will help to heal your pets back to its best. As a pet owner, however, a great post-surgery care will give your pets a quality and fast recovery.

1. Nutrition

Food can be given to your pets usually a few hours after arriving home. However, you have to control the intake pace of you pets. (not too fast!) You may offer half of the normal portion of the meal at first. If your pets still looks hungry, you may offer the rest of the meal after a short period of time (~1.5hours). Keep in mind that reducing the size of the meal may prevent your pet from nausea and vomiting.

2. Exercise

General aesthetic or sedative may take several hours for your pets to wear off. It may also cause some pets appear to be tired and drowsy for a day. In the upcoming day or two, your pet activeness will become normal gradually. However, do contact the doctor or hospital without hesitation if there are any concerned.

3. Clothing

Your pets may try to clean his surgical site by licking. If you have been given a protective collar (often referred to as a “cone” or E-collar), please ensure it is used in order to ensure your pets from biting or licking at its body or scratching at its head or neck while wounds or injuries. Many dogs find these collars strange at first and will attempt to remove them. However, after a short period most dogs will settle in wearing the collar.

4. Incision

Monitor the incision daily for any swelling, bruising, bleeding and oozing. Surgical incisions need to remain dry to prevent infection. Keep checking the incision frequently until it is completely healed. If there is any drainage, use tap water and a soft cloth or paper towels to gently clean it. Incisions generally heal within 7 to 14 days. External sutures, staples, etc. should be removed by the veterinary team. Some incisions are closed with buried, absorbable sutures that do not require removal.

5. Mobility

Your pets might have a difficult time after surgery in getting up or in the car, and need a little help. A long towel can be used as a sling under the hind end to give support. A sling is easily made or can be purchased at a pet supply store. Many styles and brands are available, including unisex and some for males.