Tips travelling with your pets by car

There are often times you would like to travel with your pets by car or do a short walk with them for grocery shopping  during the weekends. Before you go, make sure your pet is fit to travel, and it is often ideal to take them for a potty walk  before leaving. It can avoid them to pee and poop during commute. 

Dogs - Get a crate or dog restraints

If you are planning for a long trip, like a road trip. We suggest you get a crate and anchored to the vehicle using a seat belt. Make sure to take enough breaks in a long commute, your pets require  a short walk and pee and poop from time to time.

For a short trip or your dog simply wants to take a breath out of the crate, dog restraints are useful to prevent  your dog from jumping and roaming around the car and distracting the driver. Some breeds of dogs can get hyperactive easily in a new environment, it could be from anxiety or overstimulation. You may need to pay attention to their  behavior. A cozy crate could be effective in claiming them , most dogs feel more secure and relax  when inside a familiar crate. You may also place some of their  favorite  toys and blankets with them . 

For puppies, they tend to be more needy and impatient when adapting to new environments. Instead of using a crate, you may consider using a small dog carrier that you can keep them next to you for easy access. 


Cats - Keep them in carrier

Most cats aren’t comfortable adapting to new environments or traveling in cars, so best to keep them in a carrier or sling and stay  close to you. You are recommended to plan your trip with a friend or family member. It is also ideal to restrain the carrier  in the car with seat belt so that they won’t be bouncing around. Similar to preparing the dog crate, you may bring some blankets from home that make your kitties adapt with the environment easily. 


Don’t let your dog  travel with the head out the window of a moving car

Your dog could lean too far and fall out from a moving car or from a sudden stop.. A bug, a small insect or even the smallest particle could become projectile in a moving car which could cause eye irritation or get injured. You are also reminded not to let your pet sit on your lap when  you are driving. Anything  could happen on the road, a sudden break or turn could squish your pet and hurt them accidentally.


Never leave your pet unattended in a parked vehicle

Even if you leave some of the windows open, the car temperature could go up to 102 degrees in just 10 minutes. Heat is a serious hazard, so if you plan to travel with your pet, you might need to plan ahead if you have several planned stops.