About Alfie Pet first inspiration - Oscar

The birth of Alfie Pets begins with our very first pet model - Oscar, a Yorkshire Terrier. You could find him in a lot of our product photos as this is our twelve year with him and he is still our inspiration everyday.

Just like many first time pet owners -we experienced the excitement of owning a new pet, went through the process of getting the right pet training, nutrition, insurance, socialisation, healthcare, equipment and supplies etc.

We had the thought of making our own pets product after we sent Oscar to neutering one day. We were given an Elizabethan collar for Oscar after the surgery. However, Oscar could not adopt the hard collar and puke every-time we put it on. We then look for alternatives and could not find any collars that met our expectations. Soon enough, we started producing our own soft collars as we believe a lot of pet owners would encounter similar situation. Since then, we carry on the production line. From making only simple recovery collars, to products that first time pet owner would need, something more than just comfortable but fashionable as well.




We now specialise in trendy and functional day-to-day accessories for dogs, cats and small animals. You may find our products across health & wellness, grooming, dining, appeals, slings, harnesses etc. We are unique in our efforts to maintain the highest standard of customer satisfaction and product safety to ensure all pets and pet owners like ourselves enjoyed their experience with us.